Tertia Challenges Stereotypes On Overly Emotional Woman

Tertia Challenges Stereotypes On “Overly Emotional Women”

Ahead of her forthcoming debut EP, 21-year-old London/Dublin-based multi-instrumental artist, songwriter, and producer Tertia has shared Overly Emotional WomenFusing elements of her classical training with bedroom-pop, she challenges stereotypes with an onslaught of synths. It feels effortless in execution but the result is phenomenal.

Speaking on the single, Tertia offered:

“‘Overly Emotional Women’ is a satirical comment on the perception of female hysteria through the eyes of both men and women. I wanted to make a track which unboxes the power of the “bitches be crazy” stereotype against a calm harmonic backdrop. The song will be shortly followed by a music video which visually reflects those themes of silent volatility. I wrote and co-produced the song alongside Deutsch producer, Sascha Meijer.”

‘Tertia’s Mixtape’ is due out February 19.