The Lagoons Get Sexy On Love To Love You

The Lagoons Get Sexy On “Love To Love You”

I swear I didn’t plan to feature this today because that’s absolutely repulsive. Almost as repulsive as when I awake each morning and shudder at the terror that lies ahead. ANYWAYS, Love To Love You by The Lagoons is the latest taste of the brother duos forthcoming album.

“Baby I love to love to love ya,” they sing with tender harmonies and the warm tendrils of that special someone’s touch. The mid-way addition of a stellar sax and piano solo elevate the retro vibe, which somewhat helps alleviate the amount of cheese you’ve just shoved in your ears. Yum!

The Lagoons, comprised of Ryan and Joey Selan, found music at a young age. Both brothers played in their middle/high school jazz band (Ryan played trumpet and Joey played saxophone). Their love for music evolved from jazz band to writing, producing, and recording all of their own music and becoming multi-instrumentalists along the way. Formed back in 2015, their debut single “California” (2016) has garnered over 36 million streams on Spotify alone. Chances are you’ve heard this beachy, swoon-worthy track – that was also synced in Netflix’s series “Easy,” placed in a BMW ad with Kate Upton, and played across Bose stores worldwide.