Todavia Let's Go With Dream-Pop Single Our Luck

Todavia Lets Go With Dream-Pop Single “Our Luck”

It’s been eight months since LA-based multi-instrumentalist Todavia (Rhyan Riesgo) released her EP, Stay, where she detailed themes of mental illness, introversion, and gender and sexual identity. Now, as she preps the release of her new EP, Shyness, we bring you the second single titled, Our Luck.

From the bedroom where Riesgo writes, sings, plays every instrument, produces, records, and releases everything on her own, she details a sorrowful relationship suspended in an enchanting realm. Cerulean wisps of their ghost float around you as you lie in reverie in this gauzed soundscape. Crystalline guitars swirl between the ghosts haunting vocals that linger in the cracks of our dreams and await us each night to plunder and desecrate our synapses. “We’re better off this way/ ’cause it’s just our luck,” an ethereal Riesgo sings as she comes to terms with the relationship and the fragments of her mutilated being that are left behind.

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