Toronto's MONEYPHONE Drop The Dynamic Faith Mixtape

Toronto’s MONEYPHONE Drop The Dynamic “Faith” Mixtape

Following last month’s ‘Indecision’ release, DIY driven MONEYPHONE return with their debut mixtape, Faith. Since moving to Toronto and graduating from university, the David and Enoch led project has evolved into an eclectic community of like-minded creatives pushing their boundaries.

“When we moved to Toronto, we spent some time trying to find our footing and where space existed for us in the city,” shares Enoch. “What we realized is that we have to make our own space. Having a house where people can come in and out and be a part of the process became essential. Music is embedded into the way we live, but music is more than music. It’s also the culture it exists in and the communities that form around it.”

Further speaking on the project, MONEYPHONE says: “We feel it is important to approach production and writing with a sense of levity. Being mature means not taking yourself too seriously. Growing into yourself means acting freely. Looking back means sometimes the things that made you happy were a little sad, and the things that submerged you made you a little stronger. We’re interested in the haze that happens when memories get far away, and figuring out why some seem so saturated.”

The result is a dynamic and refreshing album that thrusts various genres through a collective grinder. It’s one of the most compelling records I’ve heard this year.