Willolux Snaps At Social Media With Nostalgic Modern Day Maestro

Willolux Snaps At Social Media With Nostalgic “Modern Day Maestro”

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter willolux (Kristina Emmott) has spent the last year working on her full-length album and Modern Day Maestro is the second single from Thread & Tape.

Don’t you know everyone is a modern day maestro
Go, strike a pose
You’re dying to know
Who’s looking at you

With the sonic melodies of the 90’s rock and a nostalgic twist of modern 60’s, Emmott explores the social media generation and our perceived self versus others and the strange and obscene narratives we create. Photos perfected after 100 shots with perfectly placed objects. The right angle. The right lighting. The right backdrop. The putrid desperation emanates from your screen. Here, Emmott takes a sardonic bite at this wretched landscape with fuzzy guitars that crunch alongside lush and dreamy melodies that feel nostalgic yet current.

You can find more introspective and charming music from willolux when she releases Thread & Tape on June 23.

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