Lyves' Returns With The Heartbreaking New Holding Back

Lyves’ Returns With The Heartbreaking New “Holding Back”

It’s been nearly ten months since Lyves released her stunning Like Water EP – which you must listen to if you haven’t. Since then, the London-based artist has toured Europe including 15 dates opening for Coldplay. Now, she returns with one of two singles due this fall titled Holding Back.

An interweaving mournful and tense piano refrain begins when Lyves’ devastatingly beautiful vocals enter. Reverb drenched with a haunting ambiance and the slow stutter quiver of nervous percussion, Holding Back gradually builds into a rich, string-laden soundscape.

Inspired by uncovering the truth and accepting that healing takes time, Lyves further explained the song, “‘Holding Back’ is about the realisation that, although time passes, some things can take a little longer to move through… it’s about the process of letting go.” You tasted the salt from the air they breathed. You wanted to drink the cancer from their bones. Now you smear ink with words not meant for them. But here they lie. Scattered on broken sidewalks and silent alleys. Smothered with liquid nectar. Stretched with nervous razor wire. Lapping in decadent flesh while your ribs ache and your teeth grind, gnash, and gnaw. A wasted year later, the alchemy of their ashen tears is still like sulphur to your lungs. Keep holding back.

Lyves is currently writing and recording her debut album. Her next single, Cover Me, will be released next month.

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