MEI Teases New EP With Warm "I Don't Know What's Next"

MEI Teases New EP With Warm “I Don’t Know What’s Next”

Following her summer influenced EP “No Bad Days” and autumn influenced EP “No Dim Lights”, MEI (Mercy Welbeck) returns with a taste of her final seasonal project.

I Don’t Know What’s Next arrives off the winter influenced EP “No Steps Back” and captures MEI’s anxieties about what awaits her in the future. These uncertainties are cradled in a laid back lo-fi warmth with a catchy mantra of a hook, “No fear, no fear, no fear.”

“‘I Don’t Know What’s Next’ is the most personal song I’ve ever written,” explains MEI. “Not sure I’m ready to share it, but that’s also exactly why I need to. The relationship you have with yourself is so important and this song documents my personal growth. That’s never comfortable but honesty is liberating. I’m transformed because of this song and I hope it touches people the way it has touched me.”

Explaining the inspiration behind the “No Steps Back” EP, MEI says:

“When I was thinking about the type of project the Winter EP should be and what I wanted to say, I felt that it was the toughest season. The bitter cold and gloomy days can be depressing and you rely even more so on the loved ones around you, family, partners etc. If those relationships are strained it affects the relationship you have with yourself. So with “No Steps Back”, Joy Anonymous and I dug into my personal experiences and ones inspired by others. We found there is a strength that comes from painful experiences and overcoming them allows you to move forward with new power. You are transformed every time.”