sobhhï Is Fiending In This Minimal And Nocturnal Night

sobhhï Is “Fiending” In This Minimal And Nocturnal Night

sobhhï is an elusive Dubai-based multi-talented artist, doing everything from writing to producing to creating his own artwork, and described his creative process as, “detail-oriented… equal parts intellect and emotion.” Late last year, he released his debut EP, “RED I“, and from it comes closer Fiending. It’s a minimal and woozy cut, bred with the vaporous blood of a nocturnal night. She’s full-bodied and self-possessed, with melodious ripples and eyes like bottomless wells for your image to drown. The memory of her sexed weight is like a red-lit ocean, endless and devouring.

Throughout 2018, expect to see similarly-titled followups from sobhhï.

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