Toronto Duo Lasko & Kestler Return With Frigid New The View

Toronto Duo Lasko & Kestler Return With Frigid New “The View”

Since we last heard from enigmatic duo Lasko & Kestler, the Toronto-based act spent the winter in its frigid clutch surrounded by desolate woods somewhere along the Quebec border, working on their next project titled blood summer. Now that the boys are back, they’ve released a preview of things to come with The View.

Featuring their signature hazy minimal bedroom beats mixed with the seductive soundtrack to your recurring nightmares, the boys bring you into an isolated realm where you desperately cling to her hair knots as she digs her knuckles into the ridges of your back. How easy it is for the vile and lecherous to serenade with words of promise and turn their back to drag your corpse through the streets of Vermont.

With an intoxicating trap-inflected soundscape that strikes the hollow bones in your chest, marrow left scorched and scattered on the sidewalks of Margueretta, Lasko & Kestler look to the future. Instead of howling that it’s another year to claim of total indifference while you self-destruct, maybe you’ll let go of those once graceful freckles that poison your dreams. Music like this makes such things possible.

You do not want to miss the upcoming blood summer, so hit that follow.

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