Mark Elliot Shares Charming & Soulful China Doll

Mark Elliot Shares Charming & Soulful “China Doll”

China Doll is the title track off of Mark Elliot’s new EP and a charming electro-pop jam with hints of jazz, R&B, and funk. His soulful vocals are electric and sound fresh with an air of mystery and playfulness. Like he’s up to some no good something, but instead he just serenades you. And when he does, you’ll be singing along to the infectious hook, on your feet.

“’China doll’ is about everything that goes unsaid at the very beginning of a relationship, and all the terrifying subtleties. It’s kind of a slow-jam but with more insecurities – and less heavy breathing.”

Spin China Doll and below and be sure to check Mark Elliot’s EP.