"All Eyes" Are On John Joseph Brill And You

“All Eyes” Are On John Joseph Brill And You

It’s only been a few months since John Joseph Brill released one of my favourite EP’s of the year, “I’m Not Alright.” Now, ahead of an extensive European tour, the London-based artist brings us something a little different with All Eyes.

Where the previous EP was intimate and filled with a masterful touch of heartrending words and harmonies, All Eyes is an exuberant number. With Brill’s warm baritone, All Eyes is an aura of a dream with a lustful passion entwined with the gaze of violet eyes where a mania of percussion and keys dance like spun glass. “I’ve wanted to release a song like ‘All Eyes’ for ages,” says Brill. “It was intended as a song for frenzied, Friday night dancing in sweaty indie clubs but one that retains all the darkness of the songs that have come before it. A brooding, moody, sexy, hi-shaker of a song. A song you wouldn’t take home to meet your parents…”

Dance with Brill right here.

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