Cherry Isles Release Debut EP Featuring Black Cherry

Cherry Isles Release Debut EP Featuring “Black Cherry”

What first began as cover band in high school for Sam Butterfass and Dylan Hilliker has become a passionate full band by the name of Cherry Isles. From their self-titled debut EP, which was recorded solely by the duo, is the lead single Black Cherry.

“I’m a little underweight/ my memory’s slowly dying/ my legs are giving way/ like a flower fading,” sings Butterfass in the opening lines, detailing the disconnect he feels behind the lo-fi crunch of Hilliker’s warm guitar. From the bitter taste that one feels from a loneliness that can devour cities whole is a tender yet lush song that seeks to escape and return to the world anew. With their debut EP now out, Cherry Isles may have done just that, and you can listen to it here.