My Emptiness By Folly Tree Receives Enchanting Visuals

“My Emptiness” By Folly Tree Receives Enchanting Visuals

The last we heard from Tel Aviv-based outfit Folly Tree was for the live rendition of In The Stone while on the streets of Jaffa, Israel. They’ve now returned with their first official video for My Emptiness.

I’d like this space to be left empty
It’s my one need
It’s where I scratch the walls and bleed

There are times where we banish the world and seek refuge from the chaos and ravaging anxiety, or simply wish to be left alone from all exterior influences – physical, emotional, and mental. On My Emptiness, the band sings of these desires to be left alone in your own haven of safety where you can dance naked and blind, or maybe even retreat to the void where you give in to your shackles of suffering. Whatever your emptiness may be, it is yours to indulge in to find whatever peace or destruction it is you seek.

For the Maya Steinberg and Ruti De Vries directed video, dancer Nina Traub finds her emptiness where she dances with freedom in this simple yet magical video. Watch below and spin Folly Tree’s debut album, Consolidate.

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