Common Deer Drops Debut EP Featuring Settle Down

Common Deer Drops Debut EP Featuring “Settle Down”

Common Deer is a local Toronto-based band playing orchestral indie rock who just released their debut EP, I, which features the uplifting single, Settle Down.

From getting married at 25 to buying a million dollar downtown home that you’ll never be able to afford, to that desk job where you live a painless yet perpetual death choking on the air of the banal, Settle Down rejects the normative adulthood. Common Deer want you to live with free and open hearts and to really open your eyes. Let your inspirations and dreams take hold of your mind and all that consumes you so you can awake each magnificent day with illuminated sight. It’s not simply about boring job vs dream job, but staying true to yourself.

Over a cascade of soft instrumentation and bright harmonies, Settle Down is reminiscent of early Stars and a great intro to Common Deer. Check it all out below.