Mesa Luna Pushes Away With Swirling Dispel

Mesa Luna Pushes Away With Swirling “Dispel”

March 22 marks the release of Vancouver-based multi-talented artist Justice McLellan’s debut LP as Mesa Luna. The project’s inspired by the complexities of disassociation and trauma.

“If a photograph was taken with a slow shutter speed and you moved your body, there would be this Russian doll, ghostly effect created with your movement,” explains McLellan. “I imagine trauma does something similar thing to someone’s personality. The more uncomfortable, the farther the ghost you would occupy creating distance between yourself and the present. My personal goal making this record was to ground myself, see myself in focus and work past that oscillating mode by confronting certain aspects of my childhood.”

Dispel is the second single from the project featuring gleaming effervescent synths with guitars that swirl and pulse against the hazy backdrop like the uncertainty that permeates your thoughts. Of the single, McLellan says:

“‘Dispel’ is about wanting to push someone away who is pushing you away – when you both want to be with each other and be happy but both parties are unsure and not putting their whole selves in.

Mesa Luns’s debut album, “Lash,” is due out March 22.