Watch OC34N In Video For Tragic Play

Watch OC34N In Video For Tragic “Play” Ft. Malinda Aiello

Following our premiere of OC34Ns wavy and downtempo Play, the emerging Ottawa-based artist’s first hit of the year is a visual for the tragic single.

Directed by regular contributor Day Archer, OC34N spends the winter with its frigid death consuming his memories as he reminisces about the woman he left behind to pursue his dreams. Just a man with pictures of green eyes and gray hair, bereft of the best thing that’s happened to him. Unshackled from the abyss, her unfettered passion and heart propelled him to thrive, with a radiant smile that illuminated the deepest corners of his soul and now left on his own to choke on unfulfilling skin made of ivory flakes and the hope of her return.