Modern Chemistry Share Cinematic Please, Don't Leave Me

Modern Chemistry Share Cinematic “Please, Don’t Let Me Disappear”

Please, Don’t Let Me Disappear by Modern Chemistry starts out unassuming enough but quickly collapses like a cinematic exploding star. It’s grand and sweeping with an introspective center as layer upon layer collides and spills into a nebula.

Speaking on the single with Unspoken Press, vocalist Joe Zorzi said:

“Writing this was pretty exciting. All Brendan had was this chord progression, but he had the gigantic sound of it in his head. We sat in my room at my computer and just layered more and more sounds until it grew into this entire world of sound. We had some weird things in it that we ended up keeping even after bringing it to the studio. Like, there’s a track of me rattling a belt loop and whispering and it sounded really cool so we just threw it on top of everything.”

This marks the beginning of a new chapter for the New Brunswick, Jersey-based Modern Chemistry and a new album is expected later this year.