Sea Offs Announce New EP & Release Dramatic Will (You)

Sea Offs Announce New EP & Release Dramatic “Will (You)”

Sea Offs is the Pittsburgh/Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Olivia Price and Rashmit Arora. The duo originally met in college and bonded over their love of atmospheric folk. Since joining forces, they’ve opened for acts like Girlpool, The Shacks, and Pinegrove.

“En Route” is Sea Offs’ soon to be released EP where they tackle themes of love in its various forms. The first single Will (You) explores body ownership in a relationship with Price explaining:

“It’s the detachment one can feel sexually when there is no emotional connection to serve as a basis. Ultimately, it’s about an undefined relationship I was in where I tried to force meaning into what was actually just a physical outlet. In the years following my college graduation, I repeatedly found myself in “flings” with people who, I felt, viewed me as nothing more than a sexual object. It’s an identity I felt forced into an extremely uncomfortable assuming.”

It’s a slow burn with chunky guitars building from quiet thoughts to a dramatic climax that feels like freeing yourself from the iron grip of unfulfillment.

“En Route” is due out March 6th.