Slow Riot Release First & Final LP Featuring Heaven's Daughter

Slow Riot Release First & Final LP Featuring “Heaven’s Daughter”

“G.A.D” is the first and last album from Limerick-based post-punk outfit Slow Riot. Following a slew of singles and EP’s, the band completed the album last year but disbanded after a show in London. It’s a collection of sharp and compelling songs framed by angular poetic lyrics that swing between despair and hope.

Between the 12 tracks is Heaven’s Daughter which hits the pedal from the start and doesn’t let go. Like a wildfire, it spreads and builds with an urgent new-wave like roar, reaching higher and higher.

The band collaborated with up and coming Irish artist Darragh Dempsey for the “G.A.D” sleeve art. Recognized by the art world as a rising talent, Dempsey’s original oil on canvas ‘Táthar ag súil le saol nua’ (which translates from Gaelic as ‘A new life is expected’) adorns the cover signifying a ritual cleansing before a new beginning. And so, while the band may be no more, the very welcome release of ‘G.A.D’ signals a new beginning for all the members of Slow Riot.