Premiere postpm Plunges Further Into Madness With Hero

Premiere: post:pm Plunges Further Into Madness With “Hero”

If post:pm’s ruthless debut Klax was the track that drove you to madness, than his new single Hero is what will force you to act on that madness.

This wizard has a way of keeping you on the edge of an abyss where you’re never quite sure what will be unleashed from the depths. Violent and epileptic synths skitter across the abyss when a classic Kanye sample rips through and your rampage continues forth in a new stage of ravenous pursuit. Clusters of fractured pops and horns ramp up with a chagrin of pitched vocals and deafening drums, plunging you further into annihilation.

post:pm’s future is an exciting one, and for listeners, potentially fatal.