Tash Sultana Picks Up The Sax For Funky New Mystik

Tash Sultana Picks Up The Sax For Funky New “Mystik”

I first heard of Tash Sultana earlier this year with the stunning “Notion”. It was raw, intimate, and simply breathtaking as Sultana’s vocals eviscerated its surroundings with this eternal power. Since then, she’s toured the globe and built up an impressive following, including a recent stop in Toronto which had to move venues due to selling out so quickly. Unfortunately, that also immediately sold out on me.

Sultana’s latest was recently written in her home studio whilst on a break from her global tour. “I had a mental block for fucking ages, then one day in my studio I woke up jetlagged at 5am and this just fell out of my fingertips,” explains Sultana. On Mystik, she once again plays every instrument along with the addition of the sax, which she picked up and learned to play the week prior to recording. Here, a thick bass warbles alongside an emphatic driving guitar while Sultana wails and croons with her captivating vocals. The lustful air shifts during the outro when the aforementioned sax enters and blares, turning Mystik into a funky dancefloor jam.

Mystik and more can be found on Tash Sultana’s highly anticipated debut album, due sometime in 2018. This is one act you cannot skip on.

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