The Anchor Collective Release Spiritual Folk-Rock Pocketknife

The Anchor Collective Release Spiritual Folk-Rock “Pocketknife”

Formed in 2014 in Fort Lauderdale, The Anchor Collective is an “Indie Spiritual Folk-Rock” outfit that is prepping the release of their debut LP, Atlas, and the first single is Pocketknife.

“When your limbs are broken/ you prefer to set the bones yourself/ your lips are tokens/ you’re giving away,” begins the single with gentle vocals and a single guitar strum before propelling into an organic soundscape with layered guitars and earth-toned petals that lay kisses on your knees. The warm breath of the band implodes with a natural spirit that consumes you with a honeycomb of dreams, promises, desires, and a stagger of earthly beauty that fills your entire being with awe.

With such a promising single as Pocketknife, The Anchor Collective will make waves. Look for their debut set to drop on March 10.