The Shifts Release LP With High Energy Spring

The Shifts Release LP With High Energy “Spring”

I was not prepared for Spring by Eugene Orgeon based band The Shifts, and what a kick in the face it was with its bouncing rhythms and bright guitar lines.

And you say i love the way you look in the rain
Still do but don’t you love it all when it just falls apart
As you say it

Spring begins with a gradual build of whispered vocals behind gentle guitar licks and playful notes, as frontman Macks Johanesen sings of a lover that has left. Halfway through and without warning, a powerful guitar hits and Spring becomes a raucous high energy track as Johanesen screams from a desolate basement where no one can hear his calls. Reminiscent of the type of indie rock I used to listen to prior to being sucked into electronic music, Spring is a refreshing taste of youthful energy and emotive vocals.

Listen below and hit The Shift’s soundcloud to hear their self titled summer project.