Valentin Marx Releases The Warm Last Time

Valentin Marx Releases The Warm “Last Time”

Originally formed in 2012, Brooklyn-based indie rock band Valentin Marx reemerged as a trio and have shared two singles. Last Time is the newer of the two (although not exactly a new release) and much more subdued than “Made Up”.

Gentle with twinkling guitars and warm harmonies that blossom with the light of a brighter day, an emotive Valentin Marx details a painful past. Andrew Kissel provided some deeper insight with Pancakes And Whiskey stating:

“The song is basically a reflection on how aggressively I was alienating the people around me who cared the most, a common consequence of the type of lifestyle I was living. These days, being in a much better place, the song has  taken on a much more positive note, as I’ve fortunately been able to mend a lot of those fences. But part of what makes living a different life possible is staying in touch with where you have been. So far, the song has really resonated, and I love that so many people can see themselves in a struggle that at times seemed like only my own. It was written during a really dark period of my life, buried deep in drug abuse and a wealth of personal problems.”