Experience Dopamine with Brampton's Jviden

Experience “Dopamine” with Brampton’s Jviden

Just a few months ago, Jviden caught our attention with his Pure EP and the raw poetic talent it’s covered in. We welcome the Brampton boy’s return with his latest track Dopamine, an easygoing R&B track perfect for a long midnight drive.

Where Pure was an exploration of hip-hop and experimental beats, Jviden explores a more mellow, melodic sound on Dopamine. His lyrics grow dreamlike: “Dopamine flowing through my mind/ Got me feeling like I’m overseas/ Under skies/ I smoke the sky.” Dopamine is a sound we’ve never heard from Jviden before, but that’s to be expected of him. “I’m not the type of artist to continue with the same sound,” He tells us. “Until I find my own sound I’ll keep experimenting with different sounds and styles.” So until then, chill out to Dopamine below.

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