Western Scene Peak Into The Unknown With Strange But True

Western Scene Peak Into The Unknown With “Strange But True”

It’s been four years since LA-based Western Scene released their debut EP, “Listening”, and after years of self-releasing and self-producing from coast to coast, they’ve returned with their second new single titled, Strange But  True.

Released through Grand Jury Music, this candelabra of genres is fused into one with pulsating tension that pulls back and propels like a glimpse into the vast, inextinguishable unknown. The chug of guitars soar with unseen hope in the restless womb of time, and needles through phantom limbs with a jet blue stream. In the premiere with The 405, frontman Tom Pritchard said:

“I was searching for a soundscape that would give dark and lush padding for a new song idea I had. I got lost in patches for a long time in my living room and what came out was the song ‘Strange but True.’ I wanted to convey the idea of escaping into the unknown and what kind of things will happen when you are truly on your own. Eventually, things change and you run towards it.”

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