PREMIERE: KINO x VisionBeatz - Set Me Free (Ft. Lauren Cole)

Premiere: KINO x VisionBeatz – Set Me Free (Ft. Lauren Cole)

A few months ago we premiered an ep from Toronto producer KINO, that grappled with the neurosis many of us experience in the early stages of our romantic lives. Today he’s sharing Set Me Free featuring VisionBeatz with vocals and lyrics by Lauren Cole.

When KINO and Copenhagen based VisionBeatz completed the instrumental, they sat on it for several months, feeling it could be something special with the perfect vocalist. Six months later, they stumbled upon Lauren Cole and her delicate airy voice. The end result is an emotional song with heartfelt dancing snares, about a controlling party and their desire for love and soul in maddening and abusive ways. People are not good to each other, one on one, tired and defeated. Being alone may not feel right, but whatever’s left of your soul, you should keep.