WILLIAM. Shares Anthemic Sophomore Single Behave

WILLIAM. Shares Anthemic Sophomore Single “Behave”

After playing for some big-name artists and touring the world, WILLIAM. (Tommy Hill) decided it was time to pursue his own path. Last year, he began toiling away at his debut self-produced EP and soon released the first single, “Blindside”. Now, the London-based has released the follow-up titled, Behave.

As with his previous single, Behave drips with the ashen ink of melancholy and gradually builds with a gatling gun of piercing notes. Hill’s vocals soar alongside these notes and are propelled from hands like ink-stained cannons and crashing drums where truth and perseverance shift, swell, and roar with anthemic hope.

Speaking on the single, Hill says:

“’Behave’ is about being told what to do. When you stick to your guns and stay true to yourself you can achieve way beyond what you or anyone else believed possible, you just have to believe it yourself. The song is about ignoring those who try to tell you who you are.”

WILLIAM.’s debut EP is due next month.

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