Milan Ring Explores Lovers Telepathy On Intoxicating 2063

Milan Ring Explores Lovers Telepathy On Intoxicating “2063”

With a stream of consciousness, Sydney’s Milan Ring fuses the analog with the digital, blending live percussion with electronic elements and layered guitar licks. On 2063, the multi-instrumentalist explores telepathy between lovers with lush and chestnut neo-soul textures that beam with an inner joy. With an irresistible and flirty voice, playful and coy, the sun becomes slanted with a golden blanket that melts, rolls, and pitter-patter flutters.

Speaking on the single, Ring says:

“‘2063’ is essentially a love song about focusing on the important things and not getting caught up in the negative chatter, but it also plays upon the telepathic connection I believe we can have with our loved ones. Like when you think of someone right before they call.”

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