Stevie Wolf Raises Above The Past With "Ink"

Stevie Wolf Raises Above The Past With “Ink”

Ahead of Stevie Wolf’s soon to be released EP, the Boulder-based artist tackles the ability to be vulnerable and handling anxiety in a relationship on Ink.

While some of us bear marks on the outside via tattoos and scars from stitches and the like, inside resides an abundance of eviscerating scars. On Ink, finger plucked strings, soft pads, and shimmering keys serve as a warm uplifting vessel as Wolf raises above past wounds with sweet hopeful vocals.

On the single, Wolf shares:

“This song is kind of a mix between a love song and a fear song: afraid of falling in love, afraid of being too emotionally scarred for someone to love, thinking about the different kinds of marks and scars that we carry with us from the past. My ex was all tatted up, and it got me thinking about how maybe we’re all tattooed, but some of us on the inside. To me, this song was kind of written in an act of self-care and confession. Like I was in this relationship and carrying around these anxious thoughts in my head, and the song just came out in a flit of inspiration.”