Arctic Turn Release Stop Motion Video For Sufferin' Succotash

Arctic Turn Release Stop Motion Video For “Sufferin’ Succotash”

After 1950 frames shot over a straight 20 hour period in Philip K. Marzouk’s Manchester bedroom, his 7-piece band, Arctic Turn, have released a stop motion video for their new single, Sufferin’ Succotash. 

To the rumble of a singular guitar and Marzouk’s contemplative vocals, the video follows his shoulders and up transmorgify with colours, shapes, and splotches of paint. Slowly but surely, they dissolve as he shifts back into his starting phase like a quiet pandemonium. This is the beginning and the end. The climate changes. The tides shift. Bodies break. Hearts hallucinate with another kind of loving and the jangle of guitars and sweet harmonies.

1950 frames and a day later, watch this labour love right here.

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