Watch: Weird Inside - Slow Hours

Watch: Weird Inside – Slow Hours

The young New Jersey native Weird Inside teamed up with Braden Lee to help capture the the essence and intricate music design of last years Slow Hours. Weird Inside was so on board with the idea that he even made an extended version, solely for the video. You can watch the video below, and here’s what Lee had to say about it to Nest HQ:

“At the end of last summer I organized a test shoot with a friend from the St. Paul Ballet (Minnesota). The featured dancer, Nicole Brown (who was then 19) agreed to get involved and invited her dance partner, Jarod Boltjes, to assist. The pair choreographed on the fly and I shot/directed as much as possible during three hours in a hot ballet studio with no central air.

I’d been sitting on this imagery for so long, but when I first heard Weird Inside’s song, Slow Hours a few months ago – I knew it could be a great candidate. I hit up Weird Inside (Ani Bharadwaj) and he was all about it. He even made a custom extended version of the original for this project.”