Harry Nathan Drops Whimsical Video For Alright

Harry Nathan Drops Whimsical Video For “Alright”

Harry Nathan reunites with actress Odeya Rush for the third time for Nathan’s new single, Alright. What happens when some toast meets a croissant? Fall in love, of course. The duo brings this magical adventure to life with low budget DIY visuals and puppet work with dreamy starry-eyed disco.

“It started off with a simple idea to have Harry make a delicious sandwich,” explains Rush. “I pitched it as ‘something super easy to make.’ Though, as we got closer to shooting, the idea grew and I knew we couldn’t make something that didn’t excite or challenge us.” 

On the production itself, Nathan added, “We made it in my kitchen with our best mates, it was trickier than we thought and we had to learn a lot on the fly. Odeya was directing and shooting, with the rest of us choreographing disco balls and lasers; whilst working a marionette.”

Watch the magic unfold right here.