Let Dey's Angelic Voice Ease Your Mind With The Carefree Sandman

Let Dey’s Angelic Voice Ease Your Mind With The Carefree “Sandman”

With a voice as sweet as honey, Toronto’s Dey has finally emerged from what seemed like an everlasting hiatus and dropped SANDMAN, a wavy new summer joint that serves as the perfect introduction for those new to her sound.

Possessing a self-assured, magnetic personality, and beaming with a contagious joy that you can feel even through a screen, Dey enlightens her listeners with a gentle self-reminder that we all need: don’t forget to enjoy life. The video shows Dey kicking back at home, casually strutting on top of a roof, and dancing her worries away.

Despite the song’s breezy and upbeat vibes, Dey keeps it real on the daily struggles she faces: “I find myself in a dark place sometimes. And even if the sun is shining outside, it don’t mean that everything’s alright. There’s so much going on in my head. It keeps me from sleeping at night”

SANDMAN is an anthem for all the fellow workaholics and stress-plagued minds to unwind and remember that self-care always comes first.

Make a toast to yourself and vibe out to Dey’s SANDMAN below:

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