Marble Empire Shares Cinematic Video For “Twenty”

Marble Empire Shares Cinematic Video For “Twenty”

Chesam-raised, Guildford, UK-based Marple Empire has been playing music his whole life and plays each instrument for his tracks, plus all recording, writing, and producing. The twenty-year-olds latest single and accompanying video is the stunning Twenty.

With a blend of electronica, R&B, and a dabble of funk, Twenty begins with the glorious beginning of a relationship where the sun glistens in your heart and you walk amongst a bed of lilies, hand in hand. Of course, issues will arise that test both parties and the special bond they’ve created between one another. This light and dreamy realm is struck with percolated percussion and synths that dance along with Marble Empire’s smooth vocals and funktastic vibes. For the single and video, Marble Empire explained:

“The lyrical content of my song “Twenty” is about caring for and respecting another person’s space and admitting when you’re wrong. Almost like a coming of age song in terms of relationships. The video – created by the amazing Tom La Motte and Eren Kaplan – takes the idea further by depicting the life cycle of a relationship as well as creating a new subplot which adds another layer to the meaning of the song. A big thanks to Tom and Eren for making the video possible. More stuff coming very soon!”

Watch the video below and fall in love with Marble Empire.

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