Pacifico Dances With Nostalgic Beautiful Video

Pacifico Dances With Nostalgic “Beautiful” Video

Matthew Schwartz is the Baton Rouge-based artist behind Pacifico. Ahead of his forthcoming self-produced album, Everest, he’s released a lyric video for the colourful Beautiful. With the gritty chug of guitars and soaring synths, Beautiful looks back on that euphoric feeling you’d have after waking up from a long, long night out. Drinking, fucking, dancing. The sun seeps through the shades and pierces your skin but god, you feel so alive! If this is you, great. I’ve never felt that. Truly, everything is terrible. You awaken, you plod, you drown. Repeat.

Schwartz explains it in brighter words:

“We’re so excited to share with you our newest single ‘Beautiful’ off our upcoming album ‘Everest’. Do you remember that feeling of joyful exhaustion after having danced through the night, seeing the best live show, or staying up with friends to watch the sunrise? That’s what the song ‘Beautiful’ is about. A dancy homage to being young, free, and surrounded by love. We hope you like the song!”

Everest is out October 20.

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