People Club Tackle Social Anxiety With Lonesome

People Club Tackle Social Anxiety With “Lonesome”

Sarah Martin (lead vocals), Ray Sonder (bass), Saxon Gable (guitar), Pete Costello (synths) and Drew Deal (percussion) are the new Berlin-based outfit behind People Club and they’ve just released their sophomore single.

Lonesome is an all too familiar tale of social anxiety from an introvert’s perspective. “I was inspired by the duality of having friends but not wanting to be around people, all the time,” explains Martin. “A close friend of mine knows that I don’t really go out but that never stops her from inviting me to places or reaching out to me.” With a 70’s inspired groove and smokey soulful tendrils that twist and quiver, it’s kind of sexy for a song about anxiety.

Joining the single is a co-directed video with Drew Deal that follows a throwback murder mystery. Watch and listen here.

People Club are preparing their debut EP, due out in November 2019.