The Bergamot Release Video For Optimistic P.D.R

The Bergamot Release Video For Optimistic “P.D.R”

P.D.R is the latest single from high school sweethearts, The Bergamot, and is inspired by the romantic beach town of Playa del Ray, found on the South-Western tip of Los Angeles. Here, the Brooklyn-based duo reflects on their journey through the music industry as well as a rocky period during their relationship with a tincture of LA’s golden sun and coastal fragrance. Through tumult and doubt, The Bergamot has crafted a finely tuned piece of alternative-pop that blossoms with inspiring optimism. Speaking on the single:

“Life just seemed so confusing at that particular point in time – it was all just hitting us as we sat in silence taking in the swells of the Pacific Ocean on our left and the arriving international flights at LGA over our heads.” reflects Hoff. “Those planes lit up like fireballs falling from the sky. What were we doing there? Why had we come to L.A.? Our car was on the brink – WE were on the brink. We put everything we had into that track… and everything WE DIDN’T!”

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