Lunch Ladies Look For Real Connections With "You're Not There"

Lunch Ladies Look For Real Connections With “You’re Not There”

There is no shortage of dream-pop on here. The latest comes from Matt Whitley (vocals, guitar), Cynthia Rittenbach (vocals, bass), Matt Ramiz (vocals, guitar) and Peter Gargano (drums) known as Lunch Ladies. Last month, they dropped their debut EP, Down On Sunset Strip, which features the single You’re Not There.

Inspired by feeling alone even in a room full of fake friends and lovers and their rotted faces, You’re Not There details finding that one true person that eliminates that loneliness and you begin to realize you’d do anything to hold on to them. With a loose dream-pop jangle, Rittenbach’s vocals are suspended in the indigo haze before she disappears into the chugging swell of fuzzy shoegaze-esque guitars that shimmer heavenward.

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