The Prefix Release Stunning Debut Single/Video "Mmmurder"

The Prefix Release Stunning Debut Single & Video “Mmmurder”

Mmmurder began in early 2015 between Ronan Chapple (keys) and Aaron Malone (vocals) with the aim of challenging themselves and bringing new ideas to completion. Josh Hopkins (percussion/drums) would later join them and the single would be completed later that year. Now nearly two years later, the Perth-based trio known as The Prefix have released the debut single and accompanying video.

 “The release is very special for us as it marks years of collaboration, but happens to be the very first piece we wrote and completed as a trio.”

The pain of a broken heart is enough to consider the most extreme of acts like complete self-annihilation. Anything to make the idea of its death and the pain you may have inflicted end. On Mmmurder, The Prefix delve into the themes of a relationship breaking down and both the pain of self-knowledge as well as its power to change for the better. In this spatial realm where the curseful gift of memories flicker behind each movement and thought you make, a swell of organic textures pulse, push, and pull you into a dream-like state where you plunge further into your psyche. Each verse builds from the last with a torrent of soul that overwhelms you with emotions and the haunting grip of your ex-lover until settling into a reflective outro.

In the self-directed video, a man runs through Western Australia shortly after a bushfire had taken out 69,000 hectares of surrounding bushland and farmland. The video perfectly captures the dramatic landscape, which reflects the cycles of destruction and new-growth the song seeks to capture, so watch it below and fall in love again.

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