This Friday marks the release of Tōth’s (Alex Toth) debut album, “Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help When Necessary”, which captures the period of a breakup before the wholeness but after the anger. Picture Of You is the final single to be released – a dreamy alt-pop exploration of how little control we have over what our brain conjures.

“Ironically I had a show on a bill with my ex’s band early on in the birth of Tōth,” he says of the song’s origins. “I wrote this song the day of a show and performed it that same night. It’s sort of a look into how we don’t have control over our thoughts and what the feels like when we are processing loss or trying to get over a person or addiction.”

Accompanying the single is a fun Jasia Kaulbach directed video featuring a surreal school picture shoot with twin 9-year-old siblings playing the part of Inner Child, a cosmic photographer, and a protagonist stuck in a loop of grief. The kids subsequently save the day and Toth is saved from his frozen memories.

Kaulbach also noted the inspiration behind the video:

When I first heard ‘Picture of You’, right away it evoked the claustrophobia of heartbreak – getting stuck in that particular trap of repetitive thoughts. That paralysis inspired the visuals – for things to be happening around and to Alex while he’s unable to take part. I wanted kids included from the start because though the song has a darker struggle at the forefront, there’s a playfulness that brings it together and releases Alex in the end.