Watch Grand Pavilion Warm Kaleidoscope Touch

Watch: Grand Pavilion’s Warm Kaleidoscope “Touch”

After realizing that they could just up and leave and explore the world to bring their daydreams to life, Brisbane native duo Grand Pavilion did just that. They set off for Europe and are now making music in London inspired by their adventures. Touch is their sublime new single that is joined by a stunning video for the STA Travel Sound series.

The song is about chasing summer and how we daydream about being able to leave our daily life behind and just go explore the world, and then realizing that we actually can just pack our bags and leave any time we like.

With help from Patrick Lawler and Cameron Alexander, the gorgeous textures that were dipped in a golden bath of sun rays is complemented by dynamic visuals. The video follows two dancers as they struggle with a strong desire to experience more. What follows is a dreamy kaleidoscope of warm hues and picturesque shots of nature and city, representing the duality of the couples struggles, yet the end as a united force.