Beige Banquet Drops Manic Art Punk Debut WiredWeird

Beige Banquet Drops Manic Art Punk Debut “Wired/Weird”

Wired/Weird is the first offering from London-based bedroom produced Beige Banquet and is anything but beige. With crunchy off-kilter guitars and frenetic searing synths, it’s a manic slice of art-punk. The man behind it all, Tom Brierley, wrote and recorded this and a collection of other tracks after being forced to pivot from performing. That collection, and the most beige one to lay claim to 2021 thus far, is due out early next year.

For those wondering what exactly a beige banquet is, it’s a meal consisting of mostly frozen food within a similar beige colour palette and a staple of many working-class children in the mid-90s. Think chips, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, and potato waffles. Now get your mania on right here.