Favourite Albums Of 2016

Favourite Albums Of 2016

While we’ve covered numerous albums from independent artists throughout the year, these are my personal favourites for 2016, with the exception of a few big name acts. I debated including certain albums, but ended up selecting those that I’ve listened to the most and hold dear. From the unique that came out of nowhere, to the several soulful masterpieces that resonate deeply, it’s impossible to place them within a ranking system, and thus this is no special order. Nine of these artists have been covered at least once, and you’ll find all features on the corresponding links.

And a big thank you to everyone that has visited ohestee and to all those who have worked with us. It all means the world to me.

Danger Incorporated – Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys?

dvsn – Sept 5th

Morly – Something More Holy

JMSN – It Is

Alex Bent + the Emptiness – Dead, In The Water

Charlotte Day Wilson – CDW

River Tiber – Indigo

Sonder – Victoria/Undone/Sheath

Brent Faiyaz – A.M. Paradox

Jack Grace – River