Premiere Join Cities Vanishing In Losing All My Friends

Premiere: Join Cities Vanishing In “Losing All My Friends”

Sometimes you just need a little high energy rock to pick you up, sweat it out, get everything off your chest. For Cities Vanishing (Eric-drums, Brianna-theremin), they do it in a glorious overblown lo-fi way with a ton of noise.

I’m losing all my friends tonight
But what did I need them for?
Cause I found you in another life
But what did I take you for?

From their debut EP, My Body Is A Temple That I’D Like To Offer You, we have exclusive access to their fourth single titled Losing All My Friends. From the onset, the duo unleashes into a frenzy of passionate drums and stellar guitar riffs with the warm breath of ghosts behind a saturated melody of beautiful urgency. Like a younger and wilder version of Japandroids, all the while sounding like a four piece instead of two. As the serene outro settles in, the raucous guitars are replaced with a delicate piano and beautiful harmonies that plead for answers, singing, “Are you with me all the time?/ Or just a fraction of my mind?/ Are you dying or are you staying?”

Listen to Losing All My Friends below, and revisit Cities Vanishing first three singles before their debut EP drops on January 24.