Premiere Aaron Marco Reminds You That You're A Ten

Premiere: Aaron Marco Reminds You That You’re A “Ten”

Sometimes we all need a little lift, a little push, a little reassurance. Something that’ll remind you that you’re worth it so you can open your eyes and slip back into a world that rejected you with a cruel stone howl. For LA-based queer songwriter Aaron Marco, that little something is TEN and it may just be what you need.

Remind yourself you’re beautiful
Head to toe you’re a Ten
You’re the only one that I’m ever gonna love, boy

Ten is a pop ballad ode to self-love for all the queer boys. The ones who doubt themselves and trash themselves, who don’t believe in themselves or love themselves. Co-produced with Grey Goon, TEN crawls with a rose-tinted sombre flush and distant notes that ring throughout with the ache of a heartbeat. Crisp and proud, Marco’s crystalline vocals soar, endless and filled with the engulfing power of self-love as he reminds himself of his worth and that he’s a ten. And so are you.

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