Listen To The Gripping Gun From BATTS' Forthcoming Debut Album

Listen To The Gripping “Gun” From BATTS’ Forthcoming Debut Album

BATTS is one of the rare few artists that I’ve discovered through Submithub, written about, and continued to listen to even as I write this. First with the stunning “Lie To Me”, then the celestial “For Now”, which was featured on last years debut EP, “62 Moons”.

Her latest offering and first since the EP is Gun. “I wasn’t feeling inspired by my own life, and didn’t feel any urge to become self-destructive like I had in younger years to create,” explains BATTS. “I remembered how much I loved to write stories as a child, and thought I’d start writing fictional stories into songs, and creating the music to set the vibe and world around it.” With twinkling guitars, Gun glides and drifts like a delicate roaming nebula with an iridescent sheen. It builds with emotive vocals and a gripping story until it collapses at the feet of a somnolent avalanche.

This and more can be found on BATTS’ debut album due out early 2019.

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