Premiere Contour Questions Society On Fierce Feral

Premiere: Contour Questions Society On Fierce “Feral”

Oshawa-based Contour originally began as a post-hardcore quartet but now serves as a solo project with founding member Kayle Goguen. Alone, he focuses more on depth and polished songwriting like the three singles he’s released since September. Today he brings us his forth and his sharpest with Feral.

Here, Contour questions whether or not we’re better off as a self-actualized society compared to our animalistic nature, adding, “The more advanced we get, the more we are lost as a whole, searching for meaning in religion and fame.”

Tapping post-‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ Brand New, Feral is a slow build that heaves with quivering vocals and a nervous rattle until Goguen finally erupts, pleading for all to wake up or be placed back in the dark.