Eggshells Share Moody Second LP Single Expectations

Eggshells Share Moody Second LP Single “Expectations”

Ahead of their forthcoming album, Seattle-based experimental pop outfit Eggshells (Peter & Benjamin Verdoes and Sera Han) shares the second single titled Expectations. It’s a moody mix of trip-hop and dream pop with lo-fi textures and distant acoustic guitars as co-vocalist Sera reflects on disillusionment and wasted youth. This is the delicate and enthralling sound of naivety.

Hopeless Romancers is the second full-length album from Eggshells and is a thematic exploration of the highs, lows, and endless tribulations of online dating through the lens of co-vocalist Sera Han’s experiences as a queer first-generation Korean American navigating the chaotic world of modern relationships. It’s due out January 15, 2021, through Jenny Invert Records.