Benedikt Teams Up With Tuvaband On The Gripping My Killer

Benedikt Teams Up With Tuvaband On The Gripping “My Killer”

The 9-piece indie/folk Oslo-based outfit Benedikt released their debut album, ‘Communal Work’, back in 2019 and are set to drop their sophomore effort early next year. Following stellar singles ‘Pope Francis’ and ‘Old Friends’, they’ve teamed up with singer Tuva Marschhäuser of Tuvaband on My Killer.

Led by Marschhäuser’s vocals and a couple of finger-picked guitars, My Killer is gripping. It’s icy yet warm, vast yet close as it pulls you into its autumnal chest with the tendrils of a dying summer. This is the perfect prelude to the eternally cold and dead winter that lies ahead.

On the inspiration and recording, Benedikt says:

“‘My Killer’ is an honest, introspective anthem about intense relationships abruptly ending. The lyrics also mull over the fear of death and the fear of being alone. We made the song with creative force Tuva Marschhäuser from Tuvaband right after a long covid-19 lockdown period. So in a way it also celebrates coming together and creating something therapeutic when in a dark mood.”